Oracle 19c

Oracle's technology solutions are integrated from applications to disk and designed to address. The Oracle Certification provides an accurate measure of your technical abilities. Additionally, it gives you an edge over people competing for the database administration positions you desire.

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Oracle D2K

Oracle D2K is the frontend in oracle to develop forms and the backend database oracle would be storing information and d2k will be displaying it. Oracle Developer Suite is a suite of development tools released by the Oracle Corporation.

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Real Time Project

This Program is specially designed to gear up students and job seekers who are lacking the required experience, exposure and skill set in IT industry. Through our program you will not only gain experience but will be able to get the job easily.

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SQL has its own command language for controlling the product and for formatting the results of the SQL interogtions. This course will teach you SQL and PL/SQL commands, develop stored PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages and database triggers

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ORACLE 19C MR Krishna Reddy 20-Feb-20 Thursday05:00 PM Swathi Manners, Ameerpet 45 Days
Python MR Krishna Reddy 13-Feb-20 Thursday 07:30 AM Swathi Manners, Ameerpet 45 Days